7 pieces of priceless artwork destroyed by jackassery


This week one of the most recognizable ancient artifacts in the world — King Tut’s burial mask — was irreversibly damaged by museum employees. The relic features an iconic gold and blue braided beard, a symbol of Tutankhamun’s divinity as Pharaoh. But recently, while cleaning the piece at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, curators accidentally knocked off the beard. Then they what did what anyone might do after damaging a priceless object: They panicked and made it worse.

A curator used epoxy glue to reattach the beard. Epoxy is a heavy-duty substance — it’s super strong, super thick, and dries very fast. If you’re attaching a fin to a surfboard, for instance, or putting together a heat shield for a spaceship, it’s the right material. If you’re trying to conceal a delicate repair to an ancient artifact, it is not. Now, King Tut’s burial mask has a thick, very visible line of yellow glue in between the beard and…

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