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Halsman’s eye was one of my all time favorites!!!

The Selvedge Yard

In 1952, LIFE magazine assigned photographer Philippe Halsman to shoot Marilyn Monroe in her tiny Hollywood studio apartment. The resulting cover photo (at the end of this post) pushed her over the top, giving her immediate superstar status, and 20th Century Fox jumped to sweeten her existing multi-year contract to keep their starlet happy.

Marilyn Monroe LIFE Magazine Philippe Halsman photo shoot 1952 crop 900

“I drove to the outskirts of Los Angeles where Marilyn lived in a cheap two-room apartment. What impressed me in its shabby living room was the obvious striving for self-improvement. I saw a photograph of Eleanora Duse and a multitude of books that I did not expect to find there, like the works of Dostoyevsky, of Freud, the History of Fabian Socialism, etc. On the floor were two dumbbells.

I took hundreds of pictures. Finally I asked her to stand in the corner of the room. I was facing her with my camera, the LIFE reporter and my…

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Sundance Film Review: ‘Knock Knock’

Knock, Knock

Entrevista com elenco de “Knock Knock”

Point Break with sharks!!!

Ip Man: The Final Fight (2013)

Anthony Wong is Ip Man

As a pre-teen I was a massive Bruce Lee fan and saw the grainy, black and white, super 8 footage of a Sifu practicing with a dummy. I was told that was Bruce Lee’s teacher. I never dreamt that in the span of a week, I would be able to see not one, but two brilliant films about this slight, yet frail looking, mysterious gentleman’s life.

Anthony Chau-Sing Wong is Ip Man Anthony Chau-Sing Wong is Ip Man

It wasn’t the fight scene’s that held my attention. It was the dialogue and emotion carried out on screen that mesmerized me. The interaction between each character felt as if you were there with them, living out the adventure as it unfolds.

Class begins.

Class begins.

The love between pupil and teacher, man and wife, friend and foe makes ones heart pound.

All are welcome in Master Ip Man's class.

All are welcome in Master Ip Man’s class.


Times were difficult in 1950’s China and the heart that poured out from the students to take care of their Master is beautiful.

Gillian Chung and Anthony Wong

Gillian Chung and Anthony Wong

Master and wife slip off to slumberland warmed by a gift from his pupils.

Master and Wife slip off to slumberland warmed by a gift from his pupils.

Hidden within the Walled City lies a menacing opportunity…


A peaceful night out makes for meeting new friends and making fresh enemies.

Zhou Chuchu is the beautiful Jenny

Zhou Chuchu is the beautiful Jenny

Master vs Master. School vs School

Master vs Master. School vs School

Anthony Wong and Eric Tsang

Anthony Wong and Eric Tsang

Should a pupil fight within the Walled City to help bring food to his family?

An opportunity to bring extra money to an empty school arrives...

An opportunity to bring extra money to an empty school arrives…

The Wife says NO!


No fighting!

The costumes are amazing. Some of the vintage outfits Lady Chuchu is outfitted in are breathtaking.

A gift of thanks for saving a damsel in distress.

A gift of thanks for saving a damsel in distress.

A shared 'homemade' lunch.

A shared ‘homemade’ lunch.



Pupils, Teacher and Wife.

Pupils, Teacher and Wife.

The pupils are not happy that Master has a female companion other than his wife taking care of him while she is away with their son.

Ip man The Final Flight 003

ip man final 3

The Master has secrets…

The call comes, his wife has passed...

The call comes, his wife has passed…

He is not well...

He is not well…

Jenny's greatest fear? Dieing alone. Master Ip Man stays by her side.

Jenny’s greatest fear? Dieing alone. Master Ip Man stays by her side.

This is the first film I’ve watched that during the entire final fight scene, I balled my eyes out. I am serious. It was ‘Land Before Time’ all over again!!! FLOODLAND! The Master entering the dark world to retrieve his pupil and take on evil brought a rush of tears. I couldn’t read the subtitles.

The whole time our tale has been narrated by the Master’s son makes the flood gates open even wider during the end scenes! Master Ip Man asking his son to do what Bruce Lee wanted to do brings on a whole new flood of tears as I discover the footage I have watched since a child was taken by the Master’s very own son.

Recreating the final footage...

Recreating the final footage…

Here is what I found so fascinating when I was wee!! I love that I can find this stuff!! Thank you!!

IT (1927)

This screwball comedy with heart is directed by Clarence Badger and Josef von Sternberg (uncredited*). Starring Clara Bow as Betty Lou, the delightful shoppe girl who seeks to gain the affection of her wealthy employer Cyrus Waltham, gleefully portrayed by Antonio Moreno. Gary Cooper shows up a long the way as the Newspaper Reporter.

“IT” is a fast paced smiler that leaves one wanting to participate in Betty Lou’s every shenanigan.

The film begins with a definition from the author:

‘”IT” is that quality possessed by some which draws all others with its magnetic force. With “IT” you win all men if you are a woman ~ and all women if you are a man. “IT” can be a quality of the mind as well as a physical attraction.’
~ Elinor Glyn


Clara Bow - It (1927) look

Clara Bow as Betty Lou in “IT” (1927) The Look.


The girls notice Mr. Walthum’s entered the shoppe.


Betty Lou (Clara Bow) gets playful as Mr. Walthum (Antonio Moreno) concentrates on paperwork.


Betty Lou says hello to ‘her’ baby.


Monty (William Austin) helps Betty Lou (Clara Bow) pick out her slip of seduction.


clara-bow (1)

Toys for Betty Lou’s ‘tot.’


Author of “IT” Elinor Glyn and star Clara Bow.

Now that you’ve seen the few stills I could find, take a look at actual moving footage!!

Watch the full length silent feature right here!!! :^)

*credited on IMdB

Photo Roger Prigent

© Pleasurephoto Room

A fashion photo that Roger Prigent took in a casino in the Dominican Republic, from Vogue magazine in the mid-1950s

A fashion photo that Roger Prigent took in a casino in the Dominican Republic, from Vogue magazine in the mid-1950s

Photo Roger Prigent

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